The Sun: Dangers we Face When we Overexpose

We all know that the sun has exceptional benefits when having a responsible exposure to it. One of those is vitamin D.
But today we are going to talk about the dangers we face when we overexpose to the radiation of the sun.
The sun has three types of radiation that can be very harmful to our health.

What is Sun Radiation?

The UVA radiation has a long wavelength and can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and it represents the 95% of the radiation that hits the earth. It is responsible for wrinkles, aging, skin cancer.
The UVB is a shorter wavelength responsible for burning, skin cancer, heat stroke. It represents the 5% of the radiation that hits the earth.
The UVC has the shorter wavelength and hence the highest energy, it is very harmful and fortunately is 100% blocked by the ozone layer.


Overexposure to sunlight it is the first cause of photoaging or a premature sign of aging in the skin of young people.
Some symptoms can be dyspigmentation, red spiders veins, and wrinkles.
By making your sun exposures in a proper time you can avoid photoaging and if you want to go further you can try our magnificent Astridian® ZC30 Anti-Aging Cream  


Wrinkles are the result of aging and when people expose for long periods to the sun without sunscreen and in a bad timing it can intensify the natural process of aging and accelerate the appearance of wrinkles ten years before. Yes, bad exposure to the sunlight can make you ten years older.

Heat Stroke

Sunny day in the summertime. That is the typical situation in which people can suffer a heat stroke, most of them don`t know they are having a heat stroke.
The first symptoms can be a high body temperature, headache, confusion, nausea.
It is very common it happens on a beach day under the sun exposure. So keep your self in the shadow and have a good hydration to avoid a heat stroke.


The sunburn is a typical situation that most of us have likely experienced more than once in life.
When the UVB radiation hits the skin, the cells of the skin die and the neighboring cells detect the damage setting off a reaction to inflame the skin around the dead cells, that turns the skin into a red color, and this is what we call sunburn.
To avoid sunburn: go under the sun in a proper time and use sunscreen; also, after every beach day or sun exposure try out our Astridian® ZC5 After Sun. 

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the worst consequence of the bad exposure to the sun. Over one million people are diagnosed every year in the United States with skin cancer and this is extremely related to the excess of sun exposure and the lack of use of sunscreen.

So if you want a nice tanning it is very important to get sunlight in proper hours, with proper protection and in a responsible way.

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